Mountain Fresh Water

Streaming cool and clear from snow capped peaks.

TIN CUP CREEK The Painthorse Ranch has approximately 1,500 feet of frontage on Tin Cup Creek on the southern  boundary. The fly fishing is very good for small rainbow and cutthroat trout. The Bitterroot River is only a few minutes away and offers river rafting and fly fishing for large trout and scenic floats. The Bitterroot River is one of only five in the United States that flows north and is a part of the Columbia River system eventually entering the Pacific Ocean. Rainbow trout, Cutthroat Trout, Brown Trout and  Brook Trout are all present in this fantastic fishing opportunity. River access is available about every five miles on the entire river.

MOOSE LAKE The ranch has a 2 acre lake located just north of Tin Cup Creek. The lake is approximately 16 feet deep. NOTE: MOOSE LAKE IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION. This impressive body of water has a DNRC pond permit and all engineering data will be made available to the buyer. 

HOUSE POND WITH WATERFALL The pond located north of the log home has trout plus a large waterfall feature.  The deck of the home is located right at the edge of the pond.

WATER WELLS There are 5 drilled water wells on the property with at least one on each separate property. See associated documents for well logs and water rights. There are water hydrants placed around the ranch for stock and exterior maintenance.

WATER RIGHTS Department of Natural Resources documents multiple water rights for the ranch. The abundance of water for irrigation is just one of the value added features of this property. Water rights from Tin Cup Water District Creek have a priority date of 1916. The water leaves the creek upstream and is delivered to the ranch by ditch and a buried mainline pipe under gravity pressure. The irrigation system on the Painthorse ranch is fully automated with all irrigated acres under sprinklers. This boosts hay production and minimizes labor. The Tin Cup Community Water and Sewer District membership is responsible for the maintenance of Tin Cup Lake which is located inside the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness Area west of the ranch.  The cost associated with the water for the ranch is approximately $2,200.00 per year and is collected as a part of the real estate taxes.  More information is available upon request.


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